Learning English vocabulary with "House of Gucci"

Lady gaga on a green background interpreting house of Gucci
House of Gucci is buzzed as 2021 blockbuster. The real-life-based drama has awakened the audience's interest with an attractive script, stellar cast, impeccable production, and first-class director.

The feature is based on the book The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, and Greed by Sara Gay Forden. It portrays the story of Patrizia Reggiani, the wife of Maurizio Gucci, who had him murdered; by far is a story of love, hatred, ambition, and a particular woman's rise and fall.


Lady Gaga plays Reggiani; undoubtedly, Gaga is one of the most brilliant artists; the critics and press have been talking about her preparation for and performance of her role. 

I'm presenting excerpts from different media outlets relating to the movie premiere and Gaga's superb performance. We will study some of the words used in those reports. 

first, let's take a look at the trailer

This particular trailer drew attention as Gaga was improvising. Here is how the media reports about it. 

//... Speaking more about her work on the film with Variety, Gaga said her now-iconic "father, son, and House of Gucci" line was improvised. The line, which featured prominently in the first trailer, helped to draw huge interest in the film, and Gaga reveals she ad-libbed frequently, particularly in the trailer. "I would do it in the trailer all the time," she says, adding that something about the scene felt "right." Screenwriter Roberto Bentivegna supported her assertion, stating: "That was Gaga the ad-libber at work. It's iconic.


Let's check the vocabulary.

Lady Gaga in the background with a sentence: directors enjoy her ad-libbing
Picture source: dazeddigital.com

Ad-lib: This word can be used as a verb and as an adjective. It means to improvise spontaneously and without preparation. It also means performing without preparation. 

Some synonyms for ad-lib include:  
  • impromptu
  • improvised
  • unplanned
  • unprepared
  • unrehearsed

We can safely say that Lady Gaga ad-libs permanently; Directors and colleagues admire her creative power. It is a vital characteristic of an actress. 

Here's another interesting word: 

// Lady Gaga spent six months perfecting her accent to play the infamous Patrizia Reggiani in "House of Gucci" but, her preparation didn't include meeting Maurizio Gucci's ex-wife. "I did all the research on who she was as a person, but I didn't want to meet her because I could tell very quickly that she wanted to be glorified for this murder," she told Good Morning America. "I didn't want to collude with something that I don't believe in. She did have her husband murdered."


Lady Gaga in nterview with amrica today, talkingabout her participation in House of Gucci, using the word collude
Picture source: Good Morning America 
Collude: is a verb, a formal word to state a secret act with another person to deceive or cheat someone. 

By using this word, Gaga meant she didn't want to meet with Patrizia, the actual character, because she felt it could feel misguiding her fans and audience.

After all, Patrizia is a murderer, and Lady Gaga doesn't want to give the impression she agrees with Patrizia's behavior. 

Some synonyms for Collude include: 

  • scheme
  • conspire
  • collaborate
  • participate
  • concert

There are other ways to express the word "collude" informally; those are idioms. An appropriate here is: be in league with sb, which means planning an activity with someone to do something terrible secretly. 

During informal conversations, idioms are a preferred alternative to formal settings (as opposed to a T.V. interview) 

If you find yourself speaking in a group of friends about Gaga, you can say she didn't want to be in league with Patrizia's plot as this woman did have her husband murdered. 

Overall, this movie promises to deliver witty entertainment and a profound reflection on people's life struggles.


It will also provide a fantastic opportunity to listen to alternative accents and expressions that enrich our English learning.

I love when films grant wisdom and life enrichment. 

What's your expectation on this movie? why should we head to the theaters and watch it? Comment here! 






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