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Winter adjectives list

    Winter is here! During December, January, and February, the northern hemisphere blankets with snow, temperatures drop significantly, and the holidays take over.   In the United States, people continue working and studying. Schools take a two to three break week to celebrate the new year.   Traditionally, in the United States, December is the holiday season, observing Christmas and other celebrations as Hannukah and Kwanza.  December also marks the last month of the Gregorian calendar. People celebrate the new year On December 31st with parties and delicious dinners.  In the United States, December is known as the high buying season. People celebrating religious holidays give gifts to their loved ones to express their appreciation and good wishes for the upcoming year. 

Adjectives and Christmas - find the difference

Christmas is here! This is the time of the year to celebrate with family and friends the birth of Jesus Christ while reflecting on the year ending: giving thanks for the good things lived and planning for the new year to come. Find the difference and the adjectives with   this fun activity !  This is a perfect adjective game to catch words while playing and understanding the concept: an adjective describes the noun; it makes it more specific.  Click on the image below; look at the drawings, and guess which piece is different by clicking on it, and the adjective will show up! How to identify an adjective? We have the noun "gift," and we need a word to describe it. How would you call it? "beautiful" or "colorful"; those are   adjectives   because tell  how the gift is :   beautiful gift   / colorful gift . Find here more winter adjectives.