Fall adjectives list


During the months of September, October, and November the weather begins to cool down in the northern hemisphere, and the trees start changing colors, from green to yellow and red leaves. 

People also start dressing differently, wearing long pants, sweaters, and even boots. 

In the United States, people celebrate an important and unique holiday: Thanksgiving. Since 1941, this Holiday has been celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It commemorates the pilgrims' successful harvest in 1621, thanks to the natives' helping hand. It is one of my favorite holidays, and it reminds us to be grateful for the good people in our lives.

In the United States, fall also is related to discounted prices at stores and football. People make apple pies, and kids love playing outside in the milder weather. 

Overall, fall is so much fun! And we can use different words to describe what happens during this season. Such words are called adjectives.

Adjectives are a part of English speech. We use adjectives to describe how (noun) person, place, or thing is. 

If you go to the park and look at the trees (noun), what words can you describe them? A simple form to remember them is by recalling our five senses; you can use your sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. Most likely, you will tell the appearance (crooked), texture (rough), size (tall), and leaves color (yellow). 

Here is a list of some adjectives used to describe fall. These are nouns modifiers and have a direct effect on the noun.

Scroll down to the bottom, and you will find interactive vocabulary cards!

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beautiful tree , describing English adjective
beautiful tree

Appearance adjectives: These adjectives engage in the sight sense. An appearance is helpful to describe how someone or something looks.

- beautiful

- wooden

- slender

- sturdy

- tall

orange mapple leaf , describing English adjective
orange leaf

Color adjectives: These adjectives also engage in the sight sense. They come in handy to make more specific descriptions.

- burgundy

- yellow

- purple

- gold

- red

mysterious scarecrow , describing English adjective
Icon made by Pixel perfect from www.flaticon.com

Condition and quality adjectives: These adjectives describe the state, situation, or working order of something or someone.

- mysterious 

- motionless

- famous 

- friendly 

- quaint 

confident football player , describing English adjective
confident football player

Feeling (good) adjectives: These adjectives are helpful to describe a state of mind.

- enthusiastic

- confident

- dynamic

- reliable 

- witty 


circular table , describing English adjective
circular table

Shape adjectives: These adjectives engage in the touch sense and/or sight; it helps identify how something looks. 

- rectangular

- narrow 

- circular 

- oval 

- long 

plump turkey , describing English adjective
plump turkey
Size adjectives: These adjectives engage in the touch sense and/or sight; it identifies the size (weight, height, width) of someone or something.

- full-size

- chunky 

- fleshy 

- plump 

- large 

noisy wind , describing English adjective
noisy wind

Sound adjectives: These adjectives engage in the sense of hearing (tone, pitch, and volume). It is helpful to make detailed noun descriptions.

- explosive

- howling

- gentle  

- deep 

- noisy 

Thanksgiving celebration , describing English adjective
ancient celebration

Time adjectives: These adjectives are helpful to identify the age or time of a noun. It helps us to perceive if something is current or past and how quickly something or someone moves.

- ancient

- present

- early 

- late 

- old 


creamy and orange pumpkin pie , describing English adjective
creamy pumpkin pie
Taste/ smell adjectives: These adjectives engage in the taste sense and/or smell. It is helpful to describe if something is in good condition or not.

- scrumptious 

- creamy

- moist 

- spicy 

- fresh


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