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Welcome to my store! Here you will find resources to help you create your own courses or find inspiring ideas. 


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Teachers Pay Teachers

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Easter prepositions of place and household items.

Verb to have practice
teachers pay teachers cover promoting vert to be free lesson sample
Free lesson sample verb to be
teachers pay teachers cover with funny alien promoting place prepositions
Free place prepositions worksheets
happy girl jumping on blue background, teachers pay teachers cover promoting verb to be lesson
Verb to be lesson plan


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  During the months of September, October, and November the weather begins to cool down in the northern hemisphere, and the trees start changing colors, from green to yellow and red leaves.  People also start dressing differently, wearing long pants, sweaters, and even boots.  In the United States, people celebrate an important and unique holiday: Thanksgiving. S ince 1941 , this Holiday has been celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It commemorates the pilgrims' successful harvest in 1621, thanks to the natives' helping hand. It is one of my favorite holidays, and it reminds us to be grateful for the good people in our lives. In the United States, fall also is related to discounted prices at stores and football. People make apple pies, and kids love playing outside in the milder weather.  Overall, fall is so much fun! And we can use different words to describe what happens during this season. Such words are called adjectives. Adjectives are a part of English speech. W


Adjectives describe the nouns, and a simple form to remember them is by recalling our five senses; you can use your sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing to find words describing a person, place, or thing. Here is a list of some adjectives used to describe Halloween. These are nouns modifiers and have a direct effect on the noun. Scroll down to the bottom, and you will find interactive vocabulary cards! If you want to practice more about adjectives, visit my  Halloween interactive "find the difference" game. If you want to learn more about adjectives, contact me! - Appearance adjectives: These adjectives engage in the sight sense. An appearance is helpful to describe how someone or something looks . ugly troll Old-fashioned      Abominable                                                 Ugly Dirty Somber                      - Color Adjectives: These adjectives also engage in the sight sense. They come in handy to make more specific descriptions. Red Orange Yellow Gray

Future 4: unit one - vocabulary flash cards

  Here I share some tips on improving your vocabulary and succeeding in America. As we all know, people come to America with big dreams of studying, working, and becoming entrepreneurs. The American goal is getting ahead; having a strong vocabulary is one way to achieve that. These flashcards contain words from the book "Future 4, Unit 1: catching up" and are a great way to study on the go. Click on each picture, and the reverse will show the meaning. If you are on a cellphone, the best view is horizontal/landscape (I'm working to fix that). Happy studying!   Words listed: Schedule Success Make ends meet Homeless shelter Paid off Get ahead Research Ethnicity Entrepreneurs Loan Customers Plenty Expensive Business plan Risk Deadline Counselor