Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday and reminds us to be grateful for the things we appreciate in life: family, friends, jobs, food, and health. 

Every year, since the fall of 1621, we celebrate this special day with a great feast, and it is the time family, and friends get together to celebrate life.

Find the difference and the adjectives with this fun activity! This is a perfect adjective game to catch words while playing and understanding the concept: an adjective describes the noun; it makes it more specific. Click on the image below; look at the drawings, and guess which piece is different by clicking on it, and the adjective will show up!

How to identify an adjective? Let's say we have the noun "apple," and we need a word to describe it. How would you call it? "crunchy" or "red"; those are adjectives because tell how the apple is:  crunchy apple / red apple.

Find here a compelling fall adjective list, including categories.

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