Present continous - on going actions

 What are you doing? Right now, you are reading. You just started an action and will continue it.

You are looking at a website, this website. You are doing something, and it is ongoing.

A few seconds ago, you thought about this text, and right now, you are still thinking about this text, processing this information.

To read this article, you are scrolling down.

When we talk about ongoing actions, that's present continuous: a situation that has begun in the past is still active and may continue in the future.

present continous in English, man in blue jeans and back pack walking

woman in white dress and singing, present continous in English

Imagine, while reading this article, you receive a call from a friend.

  • Hi there! What are you doing? she asks.
  • Oh! I am reading an article; I need to study for my test.
  • I hope you don't take too long - she says - We could go to the basketball game after.
  • I am trying to finish quickly. You reply, the thing is, I am talking on the phone.
  • Ok, she says, I get it! I'll leave you alone, hurry up!

Were you able to identify the ongoing actions? The following chart gives a guideline on the present continuous conjugation. If you are paying attention, you will understand it. 

Present continous conjugation in purple words.

Look at the following interactive exercise, challenge yourself to identify the actions in present continuous, and fill in the blanks. Keep in mind you need to re-size it once opened.  Have fun!

basketball court, people playing and watching the game, present continous review


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