Nouns, adjectives and valentines - find the difference

Love is in the air! Valentine's is back. This time of the year, people across the U.S. celebrate love. We show appreciation for those close to us by going out to dinner, buying heart-shaped/gifts, giving candy, and sending roses.

This holiday evolved from remembering the death sentence of an Italian Catholic priest called Valentine. He believed the ban on marriage imposed by the emperor Claudius II in 200 AD was unfair and started marrying people secretly. Of course, the emperor found out, sent him to jail, set his execution for February 14th, and the rest is history!

Find the difference and the adjectives with this fun activity!  

It is a perfect noun/adjective game to catch words while playing and understanding the concept: an adjective describes the noun; it makes it more specific. The noun describes a person, place, or thing. 

Nouns and adjectives make a lovely couple! Click on the image below; look at the drawings, and guess which piece is different by clicking on it, and the noun/adjective will show up!

How to identify an adjective? We have the noun "gift," and we need a word to describe it. How would you call it? "heart-shaped" or "colorful"; those are adjectives because they tell how the gift is:   heart-shaped gift  / colorful gift.


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