Find the difference and the adjectives with these two activities. This is a perfect adjective game for kids and introduces them to the concept: an adjective describes the noun; it makes it more specific. Click on the images below; look at the drawings, and guess which piece is different by clicking on them!  

Activity one shows a zombie in a haunted graveyard.

Activity two shows a haunted house with creepy things around it.

How to identify an adjective? We have the noun "house," and we need a word to describe it. How would you call it? "black" or "haunted" or even "funny"; those are adjectives because they tell how the house is:  black house / haunted house / funny house.

An excellent way to engage my students is to challenge them to find the adjective each time they spot a difference. If they noticed a black cat, they should repeat: "this is a black cat" and adequately identify the adjective.

Find here a compelling Halloween adjective list, including categories.

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full moon, haunted house, witch, bats, cats, trees, skulls, cross
Halloween adjectives activity two