Action verbs are one of the eight parts of speech in English. They describe mental and physical actions. Sometimes, they can be used as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs. Action verbs are important because they help the reader understand what is happening in the sentence. 

Action verbs help create a more vivid image in the reader's or speaker's mind. They are called action verbs because they can show what the subject is doing. For example, "She walked up the stairs." These words often have a short vowel sound and end in "-ing." For example, "running" or "walking."

Finding the action verb

Look at this picture. Notice that a person subject (she) is doing a physical action (talks). The action "talks" is a verb because it is an action performed by this person.

Now, look at this image. The subject (she) is doing a different type of action: think. Action verbs also describe mental actions, like thinking. 

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Do you want to have some extra practice? check out the action verb 2 pages.

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